Auto Car Vehicle Remotes Key Fobs Smart Keys Programming Rockford Loves Park Machesney Park IL

Auto Car Vehicle Remotes Key Fobs Smart Keys Programming Rockford Loves Park Machesney Park IL
(815) 963-0495  The Area's Experts in Auto / Car / Vehicle Remotes, Key Fobs and Smart Keys

We can generated replacement lost ignition keys for most makes or models!  Call the Pros first!

Other Locksmiths even call us!  24 Hour service
  • Buy a used car with missing auto / car remote?
  • Need an extra auto / car remote for an additional driver?
  • Need a new auto or car key fob?
  • Need your key fob programmed?
  • Lost your original factory auto / car remote and need a replacement?
  • Have an auto / car remote now and need it programmed?
  • Do your children need a spare auto / car  / vehicle remote?
  • Need a smart key programmed?
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We can help.  At M. Spinello and Son Locksmiths Safe Security Experts, it's all about value and experience. Our automotive products, auto remotes, car remotes, vehicle remotes, key fobs, key fob programming services and smart keys are priced way below what the local dealerships typically charge.

The buying process is simple. Just give us the year, make, and model of your vehicle and leave the rest up to us. The auto / car  / vehicle remotes, key fobs, and smart keys are usually shipped within 2-3 days and our technicians are available to program and activate your auto / car / vehicle remotes, key fob or smart keys.

Beware of purchasing your auto / car remote/ key fob / smart key on-line. Many customers come to us and ask us to program new remotes and key fobs they have acquired on-line and we cannot guarantee these remotes will work. Many times customers have to return the remotes and purchase a new remote, key fob or smart key from us and the remotes program just fine.

We guarantee our auto /car remotes, key fobs and smart keys will work! Serving Rockford, Loves Park, Machesney Park, IL and surrounding areas. We provide expert key fob and smart key programming.