Residential and Home HD Video Surveillance and HD Security Camera Equipment Rockford Loves Park Machesney Park IL

Residential and Home HD Video Surveillance and HD Security Camera Equipment Rockford  Loves Park Machesney Park IL
No Monthly Fees or Long Contracts Ever!  815-963-0495
Our owner and salesman has over thirty six years of installation and sales experience.

M. Spinello and Son Locksmith, Safe, and Security Experts is the only local  LICENSED locksmith and security company that installs HD security cameras and video surveillance systems for homes, home-owners, and residential customers in Rockford, Loves Park, Machesney Park, IL and surrounding areas.  Free Estimates. Call us today! 815-963-0495



Unlike alarm companies and internet providers who charge monthly monitoring fees for remote viewing or live video monitoring of your cameras on your smart phone, you can monitor our security cameras free without any monthly expense. You also own your equipment right from the start with no monthly maintenance fees or long term contracts! We also offer more inclusive and longer warranties than our competitors on all our our video surveillance systems on both equipment and labor for all home and residential video surveillance systems.

We now offer a complete residential HD video surveillance packages that include:
  • (4) HD video surveillance infrared outdoor cameras
  • (1) 4 channel HD digital video recorder
  • (1) 4 channel power supply
  • (1) HDMI cable
  • (8) BNC compression connectors
  • (1) 500 foot roll of UV resistant and waterproof cable
  • (4) HD video surveillance warning window decals
  • (2) HD video surveillance warning yard signs
  • Professional installation
  • DVR set up and networking to any smart phone, tablet, or I-pad with no monthly fees!
M. Spinello and Son prides ourselves with professional and clean home and residential HD video surveillance system installations. We conceal all exterior wire and UV resistant cabling along with making weather-proof video and power connections for all of our outdoor residential cameras. All exterior holes are sealed with outdoor caulk.

We can also arrange to have your cabling buried underground, in your yard or even under asphalt or cement with underground PVC for outlying buildings or garages. 

See our photo above on our latest installation.

We will come to your home or residence and complete an initial on-site security survey where we will discuss your concerns and options for security cameras and video surveillance equipment. We will then make recommendations to you on the HD video surveillance equipment you need for your home. We provide different options for our HD security cameras providing HD over coaxail solutions as well as IP HD security camera solutions which allow for future camera technology integration. We provide infrared cameras and even "starlight cameras" which give you the option completely lighted video iamges even in complete darkness! See your infrared camera images up to 330 away.

Once that is completed, we will then provide and itemized proposal for all of your equipment and labor to install the system. We usually email the proposal to or home and residential customers. Once you approve the proposal, we will order your equipment and set up the installation date.

We provide state of the art security camera equipment and video surveillance equipment along with professional installation on all equipment for home and residential customers. Call us today! 


Please be careful who enters your home or residence! Beware and make sure that any company selling and installing security video surveillance equipment is fully licensed, and trustworthy in the security industry. If you are not sure, please inquire. It's so important for your security! Keep that in mind when choosing who you choose to hire and invite into your home.We are fully licensed, fully insured, background checked and incorporated for our customer's protection. If they don't have a license, do not hire that company!