Home Discount Stores and Internet Retailer Security Camera System Kits Warning!

Home Discount Stores and Internet Retailer Security Camera System Kits Warning!
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Home Discount Stores, Home Improvement Centers and On-line Internet Retail Companies offer "low priced" indoor and outdoor security cameras and security cameras systems and video recorders. These systems may initially look like a good investment because of the price, but we have had numerous calls from people asking if we can service, repair, help them with or actually replace these systems due to product failure and lack of any real technical support from the company, manufacturer or internet retailer. Call us today to have a professional system installed. You want to do this once and right the first time! Free on-site estimates

These "KIT" video surveillance systems come with:
  • Plastic Cameras that don't hold up outdoors
  • Pre-Made Cables that are too short
  • DVRs that are difficult to use, set up or network for live video remote viewing
  • Inadequate infrared range
  • Inferior Video Resolution Quality
  • No Technical Support
  • No Replacement Warranties
Unlike our security grade HD video surveillance systems and HD security cameras, these low priced systems home discount stores and internet retailers offer are often made up of cheaply made plastic cameras supposedly made to work outdoors. Any product failure means you must send the unit back to the manufacturer to be repaired, if it can be repaired, and wait weeks for the return of your product. Also, the digital video recorders are often difficult to use and set-up as well with little or no support from the  manufacturer, home discount store or internet retailer.

Our customers have actually  informed us that "they have thrown these home discount video and internet retailer systems and security cameras out and called us to replace these low quality systems. With this down time, and  lack of product quality and reliability, these low priced systems are not "Security Grade Video Surveillance Systems". We install the right HD video surveillance the first time providing peace of mind for our customers.  See exactly what our equipment and HD video images look like on our on-site demo!

Our HD security camera systems are designed component by component with a no questions asked three year equipment warranty. We provide professional installation, complete product support, 24-hour service and can usually repair or replace any component within one to three days. We stock most of our replacement security camera equipment so your HD video surveillance system remains in operation even when a component fails.  It’s much less complicated to deal with a local company than boxing up your equipment and sending it across the country. We also provide loaner equipment until your system is repaired and returned to you to keep your HD surveillance system up and running.

Also beware of national mail order catalogs that may state they sell comparable security cameras and security camera equipment. We have serviced many of these companies equipment that was either installed by the end user, or from someone out of state. You will find that these low costs systems are low quality with lack of product support from either the installing company or the manufacturer. Get reliable security cameras and equipment the first time. M. Spinello and Son Locksmiths offers higher end, user friendly, reliable and tested equipment, professionally installed, the first time, and every time!

And finally, we could offer you the same product that home discount stores and internet retailers offer you and at the same price or lower price. Why don’t we? Because we refuse to sell our customers products that don’t meet our criteria as reliable, dependable, and serviceable equipment. Down time on a HD video surveillance system means loss of security! We’ve been selling and installing security grade, high quality HD security cameras and HD security camera equipment for over thirty-seven years.

Experience the difference. Call M. Spinello/Lock/Safe/Security Experts for a free demo of our HD security camera equipment and a free-onsite estimate for your home or business.