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Nationwide, a home burglary occurs every 15 seconds. That's 4 burglaries every minute or 2,000,000 burglaries per year !
Take the time to answer the following questions to see if your home is secured properly.

We install residential HD High Definition video surveillance systems that meet any budget. Unlike alarm companies and internet providers who charge monthly monitoring fees for remote viewing, you can monitor our security cameras free without any monthly expense. You also own your equipment right from the start with no monthly maintenance fees or long term contracts!

Can Your Home Pass The M. Spinello and Son Security Test?
  1. Have you re-keyed all of the locks on your home since you have moved in even if you built your home?
  2. Do all of your exterior doors have 1" throw deadbolt locks for added security?
  3. Do the deadbolt plates on your door frame all have 4" jamb screws to prevent break in?
  4. Do all of your exterior doors with windows on the door or directly adjacent to the door have double cylinder deadbolt locks or keys on both sides of your lock to prevent an   intruder from breaking the glass and unlocking your locks?
  5. When you leave your home for any period of time, do you lock all of the locks and windows including your interior garage to house doors?
  6. Do you have a peephole in your door and do you use it?
  7. Does your patio door have an anti-slide secondary locking device to prevent break-in?
  8. Are all of your windows and doors clear of concealing landscape and bushes?
  9. Are all of your exterior entrances well lit at all times of the night?
  10. Do you have a light timer on your exterior house lights?
  11. Do you stop your newspaper and mail or have a neighbor pick it up for you while you are away?
  12. Do you have HD infrared security cameras that record when there is motion activity outside of your home?
  13. Can you view your home or residential video surveillance on your smart phone or tablet?
If you answered NO to even one of the above questions, you’re saying YES to burglars. Don’t be a statistic. Improve your home security now! Call M. Spinello and Son for a free on-site home security survey.

Remember this: When it comes to home secuity, you always get what you pay for!