A. Radison

M. Spinello and Son, Inc. Great Overall Experience! First of all, our problem was that we had a hitch-lock on our car and lost the key to remove the bolt and we drove to the one of the other locksmiths in town. The other locksmith's job was horrible, all he tried to do was to cut off the bolt completely (which he had no luck doing) and gave us no other options and said goodbye. I looked up more locksmiths near Rockford and found M Spinello & Son Locksmiths. We walked in the door, told them the problem, and they were giving us a lot more options than the other competitor. The entire staff never gave up and kept trying to remove the very difficult bolt. Eventually they freed the lock and even tried to remove the hitch that was already affixed. And even after the job was completed they gave us advice how to remove the stubborn hitch. I would highly recommend M Spinello & Son Locksmiths for any lock-related issue that you might have. 5