Ken Merritt / Residential Video Surveillance System / Woodstock IL

M Spinello
Ken Merritt / Residential Video Surveillance System / Woodstock IL


We would like to express our appreciation for the excellent job done by your Technicians, Bryan and Eric, in the installation of our new home CCTV system which included a quantity of 7 5MP cameras, a power supply unit and the associated DVR. We furnished the monitor.

Our house was previously wired/cabled for an old CCTV camera system and the cables were reused. All of the cameras were mounted on new junction boxes. Cable end leads were cleaned and were fitted with new connectors at both the camera and DVR ends.

The new DVR and power unit were well organized and the cables were clearly marked with the channel/camera number. Bryan and Eric worked with both of us to get the “exact” view we wanted on each camera. Our old camera system was about 12 years old and the clarity on the computer monitor of the 5 MP cameras is amazing.

Brian and Erik were professional, courteous and polite at all times. They explained what they were doing and when the installation was complete, Bryan gave us a tutorial on how to use the system. He also gave us his phone number if we had additional questions and we did and we texted him and he responded quickly.

Ken and Pam Merritt